"The love of beauty is taste, the creation of beauty is art"
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Courage and work under the bed!

"Possibilities" for Barbara

I grew up around art, educators and definitely free thinkers. Luckily I was exposed to many different views of how life can be lived. While many people have influenced my work, tonight I want to talk about my Aunt Barbara.

Having been the President of the Atlanta Artists Center here in the ATL and a professional painter for over eight years , I have been exposed to a plethora of talented people. I have found that many artists can execute the perfect drawing, or painting but I have seen very few who have had the touch and feel that my aunt could create with her work. Barbara's way of using watercolor, pencil, pen and ink ,oil or whatever medium she chose always carried the same theme of beauty, softness, and emotion. I guess that is why I am trying so hard to capture a "feeling" and evoke some kind of "emotion" with my paintings.

My Aunt passed away suddenly this year and I have lost one of my greatest champions. She thought whatever I did was fantastic, especially if I was pushing the boundaries of conformity. What started this thought process tonight is a painting my brother has now of UGA, the bulldog, that my aunt did when she was first learning acrylics. It takes a great deal of courage to pull your work out from under your bed and share it with others.

I remember when Barbara gave my brother that painting. He could not have been maybe 13 or 14 years old. He was absolutely thrilled. She captured the excitement of Georgia football (something that is near and dear to many in our family) with that one painting. I watched how having that piece of art made him feel. He still has it hanging in a place of honor in his home next to his wife's Florida Gator. I know it is a mixed marriage. But I digress. From that one moment, I thought, I want to create something that makes someone feel that way. So tonight I am glad my Aunt pulled that painting out from under her bed and shared it with us. Hopefully, I will continue to have the same courage.

Here's to having the courage to bring joy to others!

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